Michelle Phan

has become so big in the beauty world that she actually has her own makeup line. Whether you’re already a makeup pro or just bored at a sleepover, you’ll be entertained with her intricate celebrity makeup how-tos.

说到网上最火的美妆大师当然要属Michelle Phan了,从自己录制美妆视频到现在拥有自己的美妆品牌,她的天赋和努力是有目共睹的。不论你已经是美妆达人还是新手菜鸟,她的视频都非常值得一看。




A favorite of the British YouTube community, Zoella is bright, bubbly, and pretty much as adorable as they come. Every one of her lovely-looking videos seems like it was shot through a gorgeous Instagram filter, too, so you get a double dose of beauty.




Jaclyn Hill 

A former freelancer and MAC worker, she draws on a lot of real world experience. If you have dry skin and crave a dewy look, you’ll love her product suggestions.




Chloe Morello

Chloe is a very ‘hip’ guru, keeping up with trends and doing some great tutorials for younger women. That’s not to say that anyone can’t enjoy her videos, because you can, no matter your age! But her looks are bold eyeliners and bright colors, so I’d recommend them for women looking for sexy daytime looks.

Chloe 是一位非常嬉皮的美妆大师,她总是可以紧抓当下潮流美妆趋势为广大网友奉上最新的美妆教程。她的教程大多是性感大胆的风格,推荐给需要约会派对的女生们。



Nicole Guerriero 

Nicole Guerriero keeps it real, letting you know what drugstore products are her every day go-tos. I like that she showcases both low and high end products in single looks.




Ingrid Nilsen

Vlogging since 2009, Ingrid has become a total expert when it comes to quick and easy beauty tips. Her channel is packed with helpful how-tos ranging from how to organize your makeup to how to make a summer hair mask out of mangoes!

从2009年开始录制视频以来,Ingrid现在早已是‘三分钟美妆’专家。 她的美妆频道里都是非常实用的教程,例如如何整理你的化妆包到如何制作夏日美发发膜等。



Tanya Burr

Tanya is another great British YouTuber who is big on collabs and celebrity how-tos.




Manny Mua

He is easily the prettiest person I’ve ever seen on YouTube — and he’s a dude. His product reviews are always helpful and honest, but my favorite videos are the single brand tutorials. Watching his reaction to E.L.F products as he uses them is both hilarious and helpful.

















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