Kylie Jenner 的自家化妆品牌Kylie Cosmetic 自推出至今,一直都是彩妆界的话题,每次推出都成为粉丝们必抢的对象,对于一个产品种类不多,同时只作网上贩卖的全新品牌,得到如此热捧热卖,实在令人啧啧称奇!今日,又有新产品在Kylie Cosmetic 的IG 帐户中释出,虽然产品真身尚未流出,但在几张模特儿示范相片中,可见新品就是3 种分别为深紫红、啡色及蜜桃橙色的哑致妆感唇彩!不过,当你看过品牌过往的唇妆产品后,可能你也会与我有同样的疑惑,这 3 种似曾相识的唇色,究竟与之前的出品有什么分别?相信,当产品于星期五开卖后,Kylie 的忠粉将很快会给我们一个答案!

Kylie’s has just revealed her three newest lip shades and we are absolutely in love. Although Kylie has presented us with a bountiful amount of makeup this summer (more than we will ever really need and enough to break the bank), we promise you’ll want to jump on these three when they launch (Tomorrow, Friday 8/26 @ 12 p.m. PST)

Dirty Peach, Brown Sugar, and Love Bite are by far the most beautiful shades of matte lip color to end the summer with and prep yourself with for the fall season.

These three colors are so subtle, you can’t help but love how they look. While all three are a part of the neutral family that we have been obsessed with, Brown Sugar and Love Bite are definitely are the browner ends of that spectrum. The subtleness of Brown Sugar is still to die for, and we can’t take our eyes off the mauve tint in Love Bite.

But then there’s Dirty Peach. Dirty Peach is an absolute game changer. and it screams “Let’s end this summer with a bang.” Saying goodbye to summer is never easy, but this warm pink hue will tie this summer all together. This shade that borderlines between neutral, pink, and the slightest hint of brown will be the best way to end your summer and ease into the fall with. Perfect for both seasons, this matte lip color will definitely make this latter half of the year one for the books.

Come tomorrow, you’ll really be thinking TGIF.

Launch Date: FRIDAY, August 26 @ 12 P.M. PST


Dirty Peach 🍑 pretty self explanatory & one of my favorite shades I’ve created. THIS FRIDAY 12pm.

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Exposed on the left VS Dirty Peach. Exposed available now.

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Dirty Peach. Tomorrow 12pm.

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BROWN SUGAR. this Friday 12pm.

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Love Bite. Tomorrow 12pm.

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LOVE BITE. #FRIDAY 12pm pst.

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