Fashion house Louis Vuitton is saying goodbye to its iconic chocolate brown packaging after decades and welcoming a whole new shade. The new shade is ginger yellow that is named by the brand “Imperial Saffron”.

“We don’t want the packaging to be fashionable. It’s supposed to have quite a long life cycle. In most cases, brand colors play off of black and white. We wanted to be different,” Michael Burke, CEO of Vuitton told WWD.

The new saffron packaging look also features bright cobalt blue handles and ribbons, and it will begin making its official debut in-stores as early as next

奢侈品牌Louis Vuitton将换新包装,原有的经典巧克力色包装将被名为”Imperial Saffron”的姜黄色所取代 。与讲黄色包装搭配的缎带和手袋手柄将改为深蓝色。新包装将于下周逐渐进入市场。



Source: Harper’s Bazaar