Pantone2016年度代表色不但大大影响了彩妆产品的色系选择,日前刚结束的金球奖上,许多女星也以一身飘逸温柔的玫瑰粉红登场,向来以美型机为诉求的Sony Xperia Z5也搭上这波潮流,推出第五款新色「玫瑰石英粉红」。

Sony Mobile设计师以自然界为灵感发想,从日本樱花绽放以及日落时天空中美丽的彩霞,调和出摩登的粉色调,让Xperia Z5手机呈现柔雾质感,不同角度幻化不同光影的美丽效果。

不断引领潮流色彩的Sony Xperia,在2013年与2014 年的主流紫风潮下,曾在2013年以Xperia Z 推出紫色震憾市场,而之后Xperia Z1、Z2及Xperia Z3 也使用了不同层次的紫色,让Xperia的外型设计在市场上独树一格。而全新的玫瑰石英粉,灵感来自日本樱花和日落时的彩霞,在雾面玻璃质感的衬托下,略带灰色调的粉红机身,更能凸显都会女性的摩登气息,让妳无论是在任何场合,都能轻松成为最抢眼的时尚潮女!

While many of us are still trying to fix up our wardrobes to follow this year’s color trend, Sony is two steps ahead of us, as Taiwan releases the new pink Sony Xperia Z5 smartphone. With rose quartz is the new color of 2016, it’s no surprise that Sony is on top of their fashion trends.

According to slashgear, Rikke Gertsen Constein, lead designer at Sony says that pink has always been in their crosshair from the very first moodboard for the Xperia Z5. But getting the color just right apparently took a lot more effort than needed. Originally the phone only came in black, white, and green. Sony finally decided to come out with a dusty pink version to give a contemporary and modern vibe to the phone, which just so happened to match the color theme of the year.

Constein states, “We researched many places in which the most beautiful shades of pink can be found from nature and Japan’s own Sakura cherry blossom right through to the colors in the sky during a beautiful sunset. We wanted the color to appear strong and modern, and here the material is playing an important role. I feel what we have achieved with the light dusty pink is fresh, contemporary and modern in the Z5 materials.”

Pricing and availability has yet to be confirmed.



Source: Vogue