Faith & Flower是洛杉矶最热门的餐厅之一,位于洛杉矶Downtown 9街与Flower St相交的十字街区,带着复古风味的桌椅配上大面落地窗和透明白色窗帘, 室内光线非常充足,明亮精致的用餐环境。主厨Micheal Hung很有来头,曾在美食动画电影“料理鼠王”担任顾问一职,之后加盟旧金山米其林餐厅中最地道的法国餐厅La Folie。在2014年开始担任Faith & Flower主厨,专注打造融合美式,意大利和地中海风格的料理。拿手菜旨在搭配鸡尾酒,例如烤菲律宾香肠和用姜汁啤酒腌的鰤鱼。首席调酒师Edwin Osegueda 和酒保Darwin Pornel以上世纪的鸡尾酒为创作灵感,打造多款酒水让人重温属于那个年代的奢华与精致。用玫瑰香槟为基酒和新鲜橙子打造的早餐鸡尾酒Mimosa和用威士忌,姜汁,橘皮混合而成的Harry Winston都是一些不错的选择。

705 W 9th St

Los Angeles, CA 90015

(213) 239-0642

This contemporary LA restaurant is the perfect expression of California cuisine. Featuring a variety of culturally inspired dishes such as Deviled Jidori Eggs, Pulled BBQ Duck Sandwich, Carnaroli Risotto, and much more. Faith and Flower blends together a variety of different flavors from different cultures with a Californian touch. Aside from their diverse menu, they feature a bar with a grand selection of different cocktails and spirits. Choose from a variety of specialty cocktails or create your own and see it come to life by Faith and Flower’s very own chief mixologist Edwin Osegueda and lead bartender Darwin Pornel.

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