Little Beast 是由厨师Sean Lowenthal 和他的妻子Deborah Schwartz-Lowenthal 共同打造的餐厅。坐落在Eagle Rock的中心地带,欧式浪漫的白色匠房式设计和优雅的露天用餐环境为餐厅增添了一种温馨舒适的感觉。Little Beast名字的灵感来源于他们的儿子Miles —一个热爱冰球和音乐的“小怪兽“。Sean来自科罗拉多,在Little Beast之前,Sean曾在洛杉矶马尔蒙公园酒店做副厨,开一个家庭式的餐厅一直是他与妻子的梦想。Little Beast 的菜单全部是采用洛杉矶当地和当季的食材 ,旨意在于用最好的食材做最简单最舒适的料理;三文鱼 鞑靼,番茄馅饼,羊奶玉米炖饭,芦笋烤有机烤鸡肉和意式海鲜汤都很受欢迎。

1496 Colorado Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90041

(323) 341-5899

Sometimes a really enjoyable restaurant meal doesn’t have to come from a restaurant. Maybe the aesthetic you’re looking for is less California-ish and more Louisiana-esque. This place is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places to dine at, whether you’re with a significant other or a group of friends. The food great also, one of their most popular dishes being the Little Beast Burger, complete with red onion, bacon jam, may tag bleu aioli, butter, lettuce, and served with kennebec fries and spicy ketchup. This home-themed restaurant will make you say “there’s no place like home.”
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