Howlin’ Rays 正式成立于2016年4月,在那之前的很长一度时间里,店主兼主厨Johnny Ray Zone和妻子Amanda Chapman开车往返于纳什维尔和洛杉矶之间,拜访了上百家炸鸡店,包括像是400 Degrees, Prince’s,Hattie B’s和Bolton’s这样受欢迎的老店,只为了做出最适合洛杉矶人口味的纳什维尔风味辣炸鸡。肥美多汁的辣味炸鸡和白面包加上一片腌肉,County Fair腌黄瓜还有涂上特色油辣酱的鸡胸肉,简直让人口水直流欲大快朵颐!这里的炸鸡分为微辣、中辣、辣和极辣四种口味,辣味的部分,Howlin’ Rays采用 sammie酱搭上鬼椒、卡罗莱纳死神椒和特立尼达蝎子辣椒, 绝对会让喜欢吃辣的朋友吃到爽!

727 N Broadway Ave Ste 128

Los Angeles, CA 90012

The burn from the Howlin’ Rays’ version of fried poultry is deeper than that of your typical buffalo wing. A husband and wife duo with a serious case of fried chicken fever, Howlin’ Rays is definitely the to-go place if you are craving for some hot Fried Chicken.  With a mantra of having food taste good, be honest and bringing people together, Howlin’ Rays chooses only the best ingredients. Their classic ‘Sponge and Dough’ bread is made right in Carson and their chicken is only from Pitman Family Farms in Sanger. And their signature, the half bird and chicken sandwich is well worth the wait.

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