Kaya于1999年在Marina del Rey开设了第一家店。作为当代日式料理的开拓者,Kaya的创意多样化的菜单和轻松时尚的用餐环境都为食客带来了极致的用餐体验。多种风味的寿司卷一直是他们家的招牌,例如经典的Volcano Rolls和Caterpillar Rolls,还有一些创新的像是Red’s Roll和Marilyn Mon-Roll,是由辣味鲍鱼搭配香脆的洋葱圈,Spider Roll 2是用软壳蟹,芒果,鳄梨和清爽的萝卜片混搭完成的,口味清爽。最著名的当然还是Kaya Roll,这款寿司是是鳄梨,芦笋,辣金枪鱼和葱花香菜组合而成。一些开胃菜像是毛豆,味噌汤,韩国炒冬粉,炒饭,天妇罗,泡菜等也是一些不错的选择。

13400 Washington Blvd Ste 102

Marina Del Rey, CA 90292


Kaya has been offering edible art since 1999 with their delicately constructed dishes. This family-operated establishment offers a creative and diverse selection of sushi rolls with from classic favorites such as Volcano Rolls and Caterpillar Rolls to their more unique ones such as Red’s Roll inspired by Netflix original favorite Orange is the New Black! Some other restaurant favorites include specialty rolls such as the Marilyn Mon-Roll featuring spicy albacore topped with crispy onion rings and the Spider Roll 2 which is cleverly constructed with soft shell crab, mango, avocado, and wrapped with refreshing radish slices.

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