The Hinoki & Bird的菜单深受怀石料理和亚洲风味影响,店主David Myers,曾经获得过F&W美国版 “2003年度最佳新厨” 称号,他也是洛杉矶著名的哈日派,他认为:“加州和日本一样,也是一个被海环抱的岛”。日裔女主厨Kuniko Yagi吸取了加州美食和亚洲美食的双重精华,天马行空的创意让The Hinoki & Bird一举成为洛杉矶最受好评的亚洲料理餐厅之一。人气料理为绿咖喱龙虾卷,用越南青咖喱蒜泥蛋黄酱和新鲜的罗勒搭配鲜甜的龙虾肉,面包则是用来自日本奈良县的木炭粉烤制而成,呈碳黑色。除此之外,南瓜吐司配味增酱和山羊奶酪,黑鳕鱼配薯茸和开心果也都受欢迎。这里的饮品也很赞,尤其是特制鸡尾酒,推荐由波本威士忌、百香果,柠檬,紫苏调制而成的Smashing Leaves和由金酒,莱姆,黄瓜,花椒,盐调制的Gordon’s Cup。

10 W Century Dr.

Los Angeles, CA 90067

(310) 552-1200

Hinoki & the Bird ascended to Century City fame with its modern American twist on Japanese-inspired dishes. The menu definitely does not disappoint, with its mixture of elements from California small plates and traditional Japanese style dishes such as kaiseki, omakase, and izakaya. Popular dishes include the Hinoki scented Black Cod, which has a thin sheet of burning cedar wood placed on top of it, giving it a delectable woody scent. Guests also enjoy the lobster roll with green curry, thai basil, and fresh lobster meat placed inside of a black charcoal bun. Their impressive menu selection will keep you on your toes for each visit as you struggle to just pick a few dishes from all the different categories. Will it be the raw bar today? A fun bite? Or maybe something from their “inspiration” section? The possibilities are endless.

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