视频中,两人在Facebook总部办公楼如入无人之境,拍下了其内部的 “创意板”,还在Facebook内部的免费咖啡厅喝红牛补充能量。两人来到办公楼顶层后,还得意洋洋地拍摄了位于一楼正在办公且毫无警觉的安保人员。最后,两人被工作人员发现,随后窜逃到了大街上,但仍不忘在视频中耀武扬威。


Two teenage vloggers filmed themselves jumping a set of gates and sneaking into Facebook’s UK headquarters.

In an incredible lapse in security, the two brazen bloggers sauntered around the London office surrounded by staff computers and potentially sensitive data.

YouTubers Trickster and his friend Harris found their way into the social media giant’s London office and wandered around while security guards were completely unaware of their presence.

The pair even took advantage of Facebook’s generous free cafe guzzling cans of Red Bull to fuel their misdeed.

Filming each other exploring the offices, the two had complete access to Facebook staff computers with no sign of security.

The pranksters have form having previously filmed themselves entering BBC studios without detection.

Having reached the top floor of the offices the pair even decided to film the security guards below who were supposed to be monitoring for trespassers.

After playing pool on the staff table and exploring the offices they were eventually approached by guards.

But in an even bigger failure they managed to escape onto the street before they could be detained – and even taunted the security guards who followed them out.

The seven minute clip captured the ease in which the two entered the office – only having to jump a gate and stroll in around the side.

Facebook have been approached for comment.